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    What if you could improve satisfaction and performance in work and in life at the same time?

Whole Leadership is the capacity of individuals to lead change in the different domains of their lives, in order to have more satisfaction and accomplish more, and feel closer to their purpose in life. Based on top-level academic research as well as actual experience in organisations and with individuals, Whole Leadership helps you identify what matters most to you in the different areas of your life - work, personal, family and social - and develop concrete steps to reach a better performance and satisfaction in all parts of your life.

The Work Life Integration Program provides an opportunity for individuals to develop their Whole Leadership, reaching a better perfomance and a higher satisfaction in all areas of their lives.

The Program recognizes the uniqueness of individual needs and approaches to life, providing participants with the opportunity to design concrete actions that answer to their purpose, values, and priorities, and result in measurable improvements in peformance and satisfaction.

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